Future Logistics – inovační laboratoř pro high-tech logistiku služeb.
Tento projekt je spolufinancován z Evropského fondu pro regionální rozvoj v rámci OPZuid.

The market within the logistics sector is characterized by increased dynamism and volatility following the crisis and recession that has gripped it in recent years. There is a strong need for increased service levels and short delivery times. The return of volumes does not automatically lead to price recovery and returns are strongly dependent on operational efficiency. In addition, innovation is necessary to achieve new business and earning models with robotics, smart production tools and software. There is a need in the logistics sector for an innovation lab facility, where these new technological principles can be further developed in order to make a big step forward.

DSV has made a start as initiator by making a location available for this innovation lab and forming a consortium. Within the innovation lab the focus is on three aspects:

  • Setting up a validation environment for technology development;
  • Setting up a network to achieve complete chain development and new business models;
  • Offering opportunities for knowledge development and sharing through open workshops within the sector in order to solve bottlenecks in the field of human capital.

By bringing together state-of-the-art technology with logistics expertise and creating a platform for the development of new techniques and business models, DSV is convinced to put the logistics sector in the south of the Netherlands on the map and become an international forerunner.

Within the project the following experimental developments will be validated:

  • Service logistics: Decentralized (production) techniques to prevent high stock loads and increase added value.
    DSV and Visual First BV supported by TU Eindhoven;
  • Warehouse Robotization from A to Z: Development of mobile robotics for order picking.
    Smart Robotics BV, EPHI BV and F3-DESIGN, supported by Avans.
  • Optimal stock management in complex logistics chains.
    DSV and Chainstock BV, supported by TU Eindhoven.
  • Human capital tools for employee support and training.
    DSV supported by Avans.